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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Magic Standings Update

We finally got caught up with the 2011 Magic Standings. The standings are compiled points earned at any of our sanctioned events. If you've played in any events in 2011, stop by Ashland Fun & Games to see where you land on the full standings!

Some highlights:

Top 10 Overall (Seasons 1, 2, and 3)
1. Levi Greenfield - 375
2. Joe Croteau - 322
3. Wilson Holzhaeuser - 308
4. Michael Madsen - 229
5. Lee Hengescht - 215
6. Dakota Rongstad - 214
7. Jason Johnson - 209
8. Stephanie Aimone - 171
9. Mike Rongstad - 166
10. Nick Martin - 151

Top Player - January
Levi Greenfield

Top Player - February
Lee Hengescht

Top Player - March
Wilson Holzhaeuser

Top Player - April
Levi Greenfield

Top Player - May
Michael Madsen

Top Player - June
Wilson Holzhaeuser

Top Player - July
Levi Greenfield/Wilson Holzhaeuser

Top Player - August
Jason Johnson

Top Player - September
Joe Croteau

Top Player - October
Steven Kegel

Top Female Player
Stephanie Aimone

Top Player 15 years of age or younger
Michael Rongstad

Top Player 16-18 years of age
Dakota Rongstad

In 2011, Ashland Fun & Games has had 85 different players play in Magic tournaments, as of 11/11/11.