Ashland Fun and Games is the hub of the gaming community of Northern Wisconsin. We also proudly carry the largest selection of family games, party games, educational games, role-playing games, and collectible games in the Northland.

Please come by and use our large gameroom and try out a board game, play in a Magic tournament, or just meet other game enthusiasts in the area!

Weekly Gameroom Schedule

Tuesday @7:30pm - Secret Game Night
Wednesday @4pm – Force of Will league night
Thursday @4pm – Pokemon League night
Friday @6pm – Friday Night Magic.  The areas premiere location for competitive Magic: The Gathering is Ashland Fun and Games on Friday nights.  Test your skill against the area’s best players, or brew up a casual deck and play for funnsies.  Drafts often go late into the evenings!
Saturday @12pm – Open Gaming
Sunday @12pm – Open Gaming

Also, be sure to check out our calendar for more gaming events such as X-Wing, monthly RPG days, or Magic Grand Prix Trials and Prereleases!