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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday Slobberknockers In December

Sunday December 5th: Yugioh Team Tournament

Because you demanded it, Team Duels are here! Play will consist of both random teammates and teammates of your choice.

Cost: $3

Prizes: Combination of packs and store credit depending on attendance.

Please use the following link for team dueling rules that will be used for this event:


Sunday December 12: Magic Legacy Tournament

Looking for an excuse to dust off some of your old Magic cards? Want to play for fun in a competitive environment using cards from any Magic set? This is the tournament for you!

Cost: $5

Prizes: Staple cards from the Legacy format including at least 1 Dual Land guaranteed! (number of prizes will depend on attendance)

Please use the following link for a list of banned cards in the Legacy format:


Sunday December 19th: Worldbreaker Release Party for World of Warcraft TCG

This December Cataclysm is coming, and with it the next World of Warcraft Trading Card Game release, Worldbreaker. Worldbreaker will be the first place that World of Warcraft TCG fans will be able to experience Cataclysm content, and collect cards to build their first Goblin or Worgen decks.

The common Loot card randomly inserted into packs of Worldbreaker will be a Landro's Lil' XT cosmetic pet; which is a permanent item for a player's online character. The rarest Loot card in this release will be a flying Mottled Drake which should appeal to players of the TCG as well as Loot collectors.

Format: Sealed (Build a deck out of 6 booster packs)

Cost: $25

Prizes: Worldbreaker booster packs and each participant will receive a foil promo card.

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