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Thursday, December 22, 2011

We love these games!

We don't just sell games, we sell family bonding time, we sell the ice breaker at your next party, we sell fun.

Let us help you find the perfect game by sharing some of our favorite titles.

Are you looking for a game that both younger children and adults can play together? Try:
Tok Tok Woodman

Tok Tok Woodman is a terrific dexterity game, like Jenga. Where in Jenga you have a tower of blocks, here you have a plastic tree made up of discs. Each player gets two taps with a toy axe to carefully knock off pieces of bark from the discs without sending the whole tree tumbling down.

Are you looking for a game to play with a non-gaming crowd? Try:
Tetris Link
Just about everyone is familiar with how Tetris works so Tetris Link will hook anyone with it's simple rules, quick play, and solid strategy.


Trophy Buck
In this part of the country, every single person either deer hunts, or knows someone who deer hunts. Even if they aren't into games, they'll be open to trying Trophy Buck with it's camo/blaze orange package design. After one round everyone will know the rules to this dice game with a fun, push your luck mechanic.

Do your friends and family enjoy playing Apples to Apples? Try any of these games with very similar rules:

In Bubble Talk, each player gets a hand of silly caption balloon cards and players take turns being the judge. The judge reveals a bizarre picture and then each other player chooses one of the caption balloon cards in their hand that they think would be the funniest fit to the revealed picture. The judge chooses the best one!

Faux-Cabulary is a great fit for families that enjoy word games. Each player has three dice with word fragments on each side. The judge reads a definition of a new word, like "That sticky substance on movie theater floors". Each player attempts to create a word with their dice that sounds like it could fit the description. Again, the judge chooses the best, or funniest one.

In Dixit, each player receives a hand of cards with very strange, abstract artwork on them. Each player takes turns being the story-teller. The story-teller picks a card in their hand and tries to come up with a brief sentence, or phrase, or sound that describes it and places it face down. Then each player picks a card in their hand that might be close to the story-teller's description and places it face down. All the face down cards are shuffled up and players guess which card was the story-tellers!

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